• Factory (1)
  • Delegation (9)
  • Logistics Platform (14)


We have one factory, in Ankara, and several storage platforms strategically located, which allows us to expand our activity zone and get closer to our customers across Turkey. There are 1 factory, 9 delegations (own staff) and 14 logistics platforms in our distribution network. 

On the other hand, we rely on the professionalism of several companies in the logistic refrigeration industry from the country, which allows us to store our products in strategic areas, efficiently responding to the most urgent orders.

We are very proud to say that, for the majority of our daily dispatches, are the employees of İcexperience the ones to take the task and responsibility to deliver directly to our clients (supermarkets, hostelry, petrol stations, all kind of shops) our products, even allocating the products in the fridges of the clients or in our fridges when required.

Our employees dispatch products every week to important places like Gökçeada island; the best distribution service for all clients is essential for us.
We also supply directly to boat-floating supermarkets of some retailing companies.