Icexperience by Procubitos

Icexperience is the destacated leader of Turkey of production and distribution of ice cubes.

Icexperience Gida A.Ş. is present in Turkey since 2016 in the sole activity of production and marketing of food ice cubes, and has the greatest capacity of distribution of ice cubes, reaching to all the provinces of Turkey.

İcexperience only produces and distributes ice cubes.


Icexperience Gida is the unique company in Turkey producing ice and distributing it for overall Turkey.

Our employees dedicated to the marketing and distribution, are gruped in many Delegations all around Turkey.

We are fully focused to ensure that ice always kept ideal conservation conditions fron factory to the fridge of the retailer client.

We are able to dispatch our products all over Turkey 6 days per week all year, or even 7 days a week in most delegations in summer season.


Our ice cubes are made using pure water from the famous municipality of Kazan, near Ankara, a new geothermal area in Turkey


Icexperience Gida is the unique ice producer in Turkey certified to the International Food Standard (IFS), a worldwide recognized standard that ensures the quality and food safety of processes and products.


We are committed to the highest quality of our products, and our systems are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000


Our manufacturing process complies with demanding quality and food security standards (IFS Food), which provides ice with a better quality and a full cleaning.

All production process, from the ice cubes makers up to the packaging of them in the plastic bags is automated; thus, we avoid human handling that could imply a lack of of health and hygiene awareness.

LOGISTICS (Frozen Depos & Long Distance transports)

We have one factory, in Ankara, and several storage platforms strategically located, which allows us to expand our activity zone and get closer to our customers across Turkey.

On the other hand, we rely on the professionalism of several companies in the logistic refrigeration industry from the country, which allows us to store our products in strategic areas, efficiently responding to the most urgent orders.

We only dispatch from our factory trailer trucks full with only our ice. Trailers are adequates for transporting products at -18 degrees or lower temperatures, containing exclusively our products in pallets. Trailers reach directly our frozen storage warehouses of destination nationwide, without any other intermediate stop. Thus we ensure that the product at any storage area of Turkey are in same condition as when they were produced in factory.